Blue Band Master Oleh-oleh

Market: Indonesia

Category: B2B, food

Roles/tools: Creative brief, customer journey mapping, product experience design, UX

Blue Band Master had a problem – their customers in Indonesia were mixing their product with cheaper competitors. Rather than just create comms or a price-off promo, we created the oleh-oleh competition to remind bakers of the importance of quality in what they create.

This campaign hinged around finding the local insights that led to the competition being focused on oleh-olehs.

I was also involved mapping the overall campaign touchpoints, and finding the simplified user journey on the site we built to ensure that registration was simple and enjoyable for our audience,

The campaign was phenomenally successful. Sales rose by 11.9% over last year, over 3,600 bakers signed up for the competition, and #masteroleholeh campaign hashtag trended on Facebook completely organically (no spend or sponsored posts).