Trust Launch

Market: Singapore

Category: Finance, Launch

Roles/tools: Brand strategy, comms strategy, workshops

Trust was launching as Singapore's first fully-digital bank, entering one of the most competitive consumer finance markets in the world. We needed to overcome the suspicion and apathy of our audience, so we turned to the audience they trusted most – each other. Unlimited referrals, backed by a campaign outlining our benefits, drove Trust to a record breaking launch, building market share and brand recognition.

Channel planning was essential to drive awareness to make the most of the referral frenzy, and to drive interested would be customers to the sign up as efficiently as possible.

The payoff was immediate with 100,000 customers signing up in the first ten days, and Trust hitting its targets for awareness and signups within 3 months.

The campaign was recognised by the industry as well, picking up Effies, Marketing Excellence Awards, and SMMA Awards, and being presented as part of the Effies Learning Festival.