Eats Meets West

Markets: Singapore, Thailand

Category: FMCG/KOL partnership

Roles/tools: Creative brief, comms planning

Mayonnaise seems to have no place in Asian cuisine. Research had shown that our target audience knew the product, but didn't see it having a role in their own cooking.

To challenge this perception we created “Eats Meets West”. We brought together local, trusted KOLs from Singapore and Thailand and a mayonnaise expert – Luke Thomas, Britain’s youngest-ever head chef. Together they toured iconic eateries and had cookoffs in the bloggers' homes to show how Hellmann's would enhance just about anything.

At the core of the idea was getting genuine reactions from the KOLs. This wasn't the typical KOL partnership where they just recite lines and sing the product's praises. They spoke their minds, mirroring the concerns that our audience had, making it much more believable when they were won over by the taste and versatility of Hellmann's.